Medical herbalist, advanced massage and lymphatic drainage therapist
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Typical Session

A first appointment lasts one hour. Full details of the main complaints and state of health now and in the past are recorded along with any relevant family illnesses, medicines being taken (prescribed by a doctor or bought over the counter), and allergies. All these details make up your case history and form an important baseline for further sessions.

If necessary, certain examinations are done depending on the complaint. All this information is used to compile a suitable prescription of herbal medicine which is made up in my dispensary and all details given about how to take the medicine.

The second visit is usually two weeks after the first and lasts 1/2-3/4 hour. Progress is noted and there is likely to be a full review of eating and drinking patterns and advice given to improve health with sensible changes, if needed.

Appointments after this are at 3-5 weekly intervals depending on progress and need. They usually last 1/2 hour, or longer if necessary, and may include therapeutic massage or lymphatic drainage if appropriate.