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Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine uses remedies made from plants to support people with illnesses and to help restore health. They have a long history of use and their benefits, safety and effectiveness are increasingly confirmed by scientific research.

Herbalists believe that the whole plant, or part of the plant (root, seed or flower for example), with all of its constituents offers a more gentle and balanced remedy which is well-tolerated by the body.

Potential benefits are relief from symptoms, an increased feeling of well-being and more energy.

The herbs I use are nearly all Western, that is from plants growing in Europe and the Americas.

Each person is prescribed their own medicine from my dispensary of about 140 herbal tinctures - herbs in liquid form which have good keeping qualities and are easy to take. A typical prescription contains six or seven different tinctures and the usual dose is a teaspoon taken in water three times a day.

Each herb has its own profile of useful actions which can be quite specific or very broad. It is important that each remedy is matched to the individual, not the symptoms, and that the whole prescription is balanced.

Herbs are sometimes prescribed as teas, creams for skin conditions, other mixtures for rubbing into sore joints for example, or to apply to the chest for some chest conditions.

The tinctures, creams and oils I buy are of very high quality and organic where possible.

Professional herbalists have access to a wider range of herbal medicines than can be bought over the counter meaning that more potent medicines can be prescribed quite safely if need be.

If used properly, herbal medicine is extremely safe, with unwanted side-effects rare.

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